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6 Things You Need to Setup Your POS

Setting up a Point of Sale is an essential undertaking that retailers face while opening a shop. Regardless of in the event that you are a prepared player or a beginner, this rundown will prove to be useful while introducing a POS in your business.

Point of Sales, otherwise known as POS, is a basic device in the retail business.. As the years pass by, new frameworks are being discharged which influences the base determinations required to run a POS easily. On the off chance that you run a Point of Sale on an old PC, you may confront crashes, slow execution, and even information misfortunes.

Before you head out to purchase your next POS equipment, mull over the accompanying guidance so you guarantee that all exchanges will be recorded safely and you will have the option to checkout your customers with no issue.

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EloERP POS least specs

Least System Requirements for running a POS

Past handling power, which makes a difference the most while introducing a POS is network. The base suggested Internet speed is 2 Mbps download/1 Mbps transfer while the ideal Internet speed would be 6 Mbps download/2 Mbps transfer.

What program is the best for a POS?

Anything other than Internet Explorer (we would not joke about this!). The top programs prescribed for dealing with a Point of Sale are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. While Chrome has many extra combinations, while Mozilla Firefox’s ongoing updates make it a protection powerhouse.

What memory and speed are prescribed to run a Point of Sale?

To run a POS, you will require a PC with a CPU speed of 1 GHz or higher processor, 1 GB of Ram memory and 3GB of hard drive space. You can discover fresh out of the plastic new PCs with these specs for as meager as $350, which is incredible for new retailers.

What printers are perfect with POS?

POS for the most part work with any printer that is good with the remainder of the equipment, anyway it is prescribed to get one that can likewise drive a money cabinet. That being stated, Point of Sales introduced on iPads appear to run easily with the EPSON Star printer arrangement.

What money cabinet ought to be utilized with a POS?

The money cabinet is an imperative piece of your POS. Your best decision is to get a “printer-driven” money cabinet, which connects to the printer so the cabinet pops each time a receipt is printed. Money drawers associated legitimately to a CPU won’t work with Point of Sale frameworks like EloERP.

What barcode scanners are good with Point of Sales?

In spite of the fact that you can work Point of Sales without requiring a scanner, checkouts will be a breeze by putting resources into a decent bar-code scanner that can be set to console mode. In the specific instance of iPad POS, you should utilize a Bluetooth-good barcode scanner that can flip between the gadget console and the scanner.

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